I like beer. Some might say I love beer, and perhaps they're right. I certainly like beer enough to dedicate some time to learning how to make it myself, at home, to a standard that others can enjoy.

This site started under a different name, Imbibable.com.au, as my original goal was to make drinkable, pleasantly intoxicating beer. The problem is that this is surprisingly easy - I don't know why more people don't do it - and so I've evolved.

Encouraged by early attempts, my new mission is to win a beer competition within 100 home brews. I'm not particularly competitive, but this was the best measure of success I could think of. Any beers that are not winners should at least be drinkable enough to provide ample consolation for my efforts.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey, and encourage you to get in touch if you can provide any assistance or guidance that might help me in my quest.