Brew # 3 - Black Rock Miner's Stout

Weather's getting cold...time for some comfort beer.

Brew # 3 - Black Rock Miner's Stout

I enjoy a broad range of beers. There's nothing I like more during the colder months that necking a smooth stout.


  • Black Rock Miner's Stout
  • 1kg No. 25 Stout Booster
    (750g Dark Malt Extract, 250g Maltodextrin)
  • 25g Columbus hops


  • Standard instructions (like this)
  • Stirred in 25g Columbus hops just after the yeast
  • Wrapped in a blanket to protect from the cold

First Fermentation

Looks nasty...smells awesome

Specific gravity to start is 1048 (it's gonna be tasty!).


Not sure if I'm going to rack this or let it sit for an extra week in the same bin. I don't have any finings this time, either.

Bottling & Second Fermentation

ETA: ~6th June


ETA: ~5th July earliest