Brew # 17 - Racking

After prepping the wort yesterday, today I'm racking from the HDPE bin to the Snubby Fermus and pitching the yeast.

Brew # 17 - Racking
Brew #17 ready to start fermentation

Racking is transferring the wort or beer between different fermenting vessels. I made the wort yesterday and allowed it to settle overnight in a HDPE fermenting bin. Today, it's at the right temp (~18C) and ready to transfer to the Snubby Fermus for fermentation.

  • I sanitised and rinsed the Snubby Fermus, including pressure kit, etc. Also the hose used to transfer from HDPE bin to Fermus.
  • I shook as much of the water out of the Fermus as possible, and then I put it out in the sunshine to dry (open end up to allow for evapouration)
  • Attached hose to HDPE bin and gravity transfered to the Snubby Fermus making sure the wort splashed around to aerate during the transfer. I could tell from the smells emanting that this might be a high OG - very sweet smelling.
  • Once I'd transferred all but the very last of the wort (actually very little trub at the bottom of the bin), I measured the OG (1.060 - highest yet)
  • I gave the wort another good shake to aerate before pitching the 4 yeast packs
  • Then another stir up to mix the yeast in before placing the Fermus in the fridge

Coming next...‌

Primary Fermentation

  • Attach the PRV/spunding valve to ensure the Fermus doesn't explode
  • Check pressure regularly to make sure the PRV is set correctly (~10PSI)
  • After 1 week, begin cold crash for 4C in 0.3C steps
  • Kegging

Improvements for next time

  • It occurred to me that I shouldn't have pitched 4 packs of Kolsch yeast as the fermentation temp is much higher than for the lager I planned originally. I've set the temp to 18C to try and balance that out, anyway.