Brew # 5 - Morgan's Amber Ale

New brew, new fermenting vessel, new process. This time I'm brewing Amber Ale in my new Fermentasaurus.

Brew # 5 - Morgan's Amber Ale


  • Morgan's Royal Oak Amber Ale
  • 1.5kg Morgan's Caramalt
  • Safale US-05 yeast
  • 40g Mosaic hops


  • Boil 500ml of water and pour into a sanitised, air-tight container to cool
  • Once cooled to ~30C add the dried yeast to hydrate
  • Place wort tin and Caramalt in hot water to soften
  • Add mixture of cold filtered tap water and boiled water to 10 litre mark of Fermentasaurus (FV)
  • Once the wort and Caramalt has been softened for at least 15 minutes, open the cans
  • Add one teaspoon of Caramalt to the hydrating yeast and stir (yeast was hydrating for ~30mins prior)
  • Add to the remaining Caramalt and Amber Ale wort to the FV
  • Rinse the cans with more boiling water
  • Top up the FV to 23 litres with boiling and cold filtered water to bring the temperature to between 18 and 23C (if the temp is above 23C wait until it drops)
  • Shake the wort to aerate
  • Pitch the yeast (from the top)
  • Secure the lid and add the airlock
  • Once primary fermentation is complete, add 40g Mosaic hops

This is going to be my first brew with the new Fermentasaurus. After brew 4's temperature-related nightmares, this time I'm opting for filtered water straight from the fridge mixed with boiling water to bring the temperature up.

Pre-wort Fermentasaurus with boiled and filtered water

I'm also using Morgan's Caramalt instead of adding sugar to this brew.

Because the Fermentasaurus allows the trub and yeast cake to be removed, I don't expect to have to rack this beer to a second FV before bottling.

As always, once everything was in the FV the temperature was still a bit too warm to pitch the yeast, so I waited until the next morning, when it had cooled to 20C.

Stupidly, I forgot to take a specific gravity reading, so I have no idea what the alcohol potential is. Oh well!